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Understanding Lead Aggregation

What‘s a Lead Aggregation System

A lead aggregation system is an infrastructure or framework that helps you generate sales ready leads. If you’re doing lead generation online it’s usually catered around a website. Your website is where you deliver content that engage visitors and eventually converts them into an interested party, by allowing them to identify themselves without feeling pressured by a sales team.

This happens when somebody requests something that interests them, usually an informative guide a direct request for a proposal or they register for an event and exchange certain personal details for access to the content. Not all of these requests though are sales ready so your challenge is also how you will nurture those interested individuals until they are ready to buy.

None of this can begin though unless you have traffic to your website and more importantly qualified traffic that is actually looking for products or services that you are representing.

Get Targeted Visitors To Your Lead Aggregation System

Your lead aggregation system can deliver promising results if you can drive visitors  to your site that are actually looking for the products and services you are representing.

One option is to use paid traffic generation which breaks down into 3 main categories;

  • Pay per click – the most well known form of advertising which is typically seen in search engine results at the top and right hand side of their search results pages, as small adverts that relate to a searchers query. Advertisers only pay when a browser clicks on their ad. They can also be displayed in other content.
  • Pay per action – this is similar to lead aggregation in that an advertiser only pays when somebody completes an action like filling in a form or completing a survey in which certain personal details are given or they download and install a piece of software.
  • Pay per view – in the early days of the internet this was very similar to traditional adverts that run in magazines, where an ad or banner was placed on pages of other websites. It’s now evolved allowing adverts to be displayed or triggered to browsing visitors no matter what they are doing online as long as the ad is relevant to the browsers activity. You pay every time your advert gets displayed to web users that see it no matter if they click on it or buy.

Getting your website to rank well for relevant keywords takes both time and effort which is a direct cost to your business. If you outsource this work, costs to your business will be higher, however results should be equally higher and free from the burden so that you can focus on other core activities.

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