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Mobile web and social media have forced us to rewire the way we think and live our lives. Consumers are creating a new digital culture, shifting business landscapes one tweet, text and chat at a time.

Networks have created an ever- expanding “web-i-fixation” in which everyday people believe their lives deserve a 24-hour broadcast. Broadcast what they do, who they meet, what they watch, what they eat, where they shop etc etc…So the question is has traditional marketing shifted? The answer is yes!

Traditional marketing consisted of 4Ps -product, promotion, price and place.


This Marketing Mix has evolved and the ‘four Ps’ have been expanded to the ‘ seven Ps’ with the addition of ‘process’, ‘physical evidence’ and ‘people’.

Today Social media expansion is important because it provides a foundation for a broader / faster mindshare, along with supporting your search engine marketing objectives. You *can* convert traffic if you target your audience. Social media is evolving fast and marketers are starting to catch up.

I wanted to share with you all on how will social media marketing change in the 2012 and here are some thoughts that I came up with.


Social media Integrated

Social media is staring to be integral part of everything we do when marketing our business. This means that social media marketing will not be a separate activity but just one facet of your overall marketing plan. Much like SEO or email marketing, social media will be just one tool in the box. Brands start large scale integration of social media content into their digital properties. Big brands will use social media connect and user generated content to get closer to customers.


Social media advertising will grow

Social media channels are looking to turn a profit so they are looking for ways to get at your advertising budget. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others are looking into way to display more marketing messages to their users. This will increase budgets dedicated to social media advertising.


Tabletizing and mobilizing websites

Not exactly a social media thing but businesses start to make their sites mobile. Like 10 years ago companies made websites because everybody else did, now they will make their sites mobile because everybody else does.

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