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Published by in SEO on October 12th, 2014

GooglebusinessYou’ve heard of Yahoo Small business, Bing Places and Google My Business, all 3 promise results and indeed its crucial to list your small business with these search engine directories. Hundreds of million of consumers turn to these search engine giants every day. There is no doubt that Google is the largest player in search. Businesses know that appearing in Google search results is a key step in getting found by consumers around them.

Back in the day it was all about using the right tags and keywords on your site so that Google could pick it up. SEO consultants relied on webmaster tools to fetch and render your site  to a top Google listing for a few thousand bucks, and many could deliver for about 60 seconds until your site gets pushed to the 5th or 6th page of this search engine. Keeping your site on page one of the search engine is a never-ending process, an ongoing commitment of dollars and resources, a continuing evolvement of keywords, online activity, back linking, social media activity and a thousand other ways so your site gets relevance from Google and stays on page 1.

To help brands control how they appear online, Google has developed a variety of tools, including Google places and Google + Local. Now, Google is simplifying those tools with a new offering for businesses called Google My Business Locations.


Google My Business has  made it easier for businesses to list their physical address, verticals  they operate in, reviews and create a following. Your business listing can be created by following this link.


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