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Cookies: Not the chocolate chip kind!

Ever wonder how an advertisement appear on a web browser after you’ve visited a website, or perhaps how websites remember your preference from visit to visit? The answers is “cookies” A cookie is a small piece of text code sent to your browser by a website you visit. It contains information about your visit. The


Understanding Call to Action Buttons

Calls to actions are a vital part of all websites. Over the years, those action buttons, urging website visitors to act on a website, and disclose the visitor interest have moved from basic “click here for more info” or “Call Us Now” buttons to those that are designed to complete an online ecommerce acquisition. The


Setting up Goals in Google Analytics

A Goal represents a completed activity; called a conversion, A conversion can be a specific page a prospects lands on or an action that is recorded. Examples of goals could be one clicking on an About Me page or looking up a contact Us or making a purchase (for an commerce site) Defining Goals is


Understanding Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method of assigning a value to prospects against a scale based on specific criteria. The resulting score is used to determine which leads is sales ready or simply going to be nurtured until they are ready to buy. The higher the value, the more likely the prospect is actively engaged in


SEO Rankings

Published by in SEO on January 26th, 2015

Search engines work by using algorithms to evaluate websites by search query and relevance. This evaluation structures pages in an index, which ultimately results in displaying the best possible ranking of the results displayed. Google has grown increasingly more sophisticated with its ranking algorithm, and has added a host of new variables that affect how


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