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Siri – a new search engine?

According to Apple, Siri is the new voice recognition app built for the iPhone 4S. Whether you own one or not, as a small business owner, it is important you learn about it now. Siri allows iPhone users to get directions to the nearest library, check the weather, or help find a taxi to the


A message from the worker bee’s – A customer service lesson

The job of a worker bee is: tending and feeding young bees (larvae), making honey, making royal jelly and bee bread to feed larvae, producing wax, cooling the hive by fanning wings, gathering and storing pollen, nectar and water, guarding the hive, building, cleaning and repairing the comb, and feeding and taking care of the


Mobile Email Marketing

According to a report from comScore, 60.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in October.  With this type of stellar growth, B2B marketers are seeing how and why an effective mobile marketing message needs to be a top priority for 2011. For companies already testing the waters in mobile


The Importance of metrics in Marketing

Generating demand and creating it to be forecastable sales pipeline is crucial to a company’s fiscal planning. Marketing groups are often asked to answer the following questions. -What benefit has your function brought to the organization? -Has your strategic plan and tactical mix helped contribute to topline revenue? -How effectively marketing is helping to create


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